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So for starters, what exactly is this corset trend all about? We've seen this trend start earlier in the year emerging from top fashion runways such as Balmain and Gucci. Which were after seen on A named celebs like Kim Kardashian, Kendall + Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and bloggers all over the world. The big questions is, how can I wear this corset without looking too extra or too tacky? We'll give you a few suggestions to try with outfit ideas that we're sure you can find in your closet and even a DIY video to make your own. Keep on reading!
The corset trend started back in the Victorian Era dated in 2000 BC. Long long long time ago! It started evolving back around into fashion in late 2016 early 2017 where we now see it on the fashion trendsetter, Kim Kardashian West! DUH. We see her wear it with oversize t-shirts, Dresses, Bodysuits, Sweatshirts and almost just about anything she can find. Later that trend was slayed by the younger sister, KYLIE! Hello Kylie Jenner! She started wearing it just like her sister with the oversize t-shirt and some killer thigh high boots and it just looks so damn cool! Like can we try it? Can we pull this off? Will we look like Kylie or Kim??? Will we look like these fashion bloggers?! PLEASE!! Well we can't guarantee that - but we can sure as heck help you try!
So first what you will need is a corset. You can find some of ours here or you can make them on your own.
See video below:
Next you need to play dress up with a few items you have in your closet to see what item in your wardrobe best compliments you and your new corset trend. We suggest trying an oversize Tee such as this. It can be a white plain tee, or really oversize graphic tee like this. If you don't like the tee look next you can try a sweatshirt such as this. If both of those looks don't satisfy you and you still are unsure how you can wear this you can try a trench coat or a denim jacket! Also, you can try a tight one piece dress like this and throw on that corset for the little bit of detail. Even a long sleeve tight Henley or ribbed Tee like this can do the trick! We see the button down trend on all the top named blogers, so take a white button down collared shirt and add a denim corset to really show how trendy you can be! 
Once you try all of these looks to figure out which one best suits your style, then you must add that bomb heel! For t-shirts and sweatshirts we REALLYYYY recommend wear a sick thigh high heel. Such as this or this one. If you're not into those you can try  a little bootie heel like this. Still unsure? Check out these looks below for some more inspiration:

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