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Law of attraction

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: Manifesting the life you want

Cher Charon / Positivity / Published: July-25-2019

When you hear of Law of Attraction you probably think of The Secret the movie that was on Netflix but what I want to do today is to show you the power that you hold within, the simplicity that surrounds the Law of Attraction but ultimately the full concept of being in alignment and using the law of attraction to create the life you so fiercely desire! This is the key to creating tangible results - and it’s easier than you could’ve ever imagined.
Maybe you’ve heard of being in alignment - maybe not - so what is being alignment? Being in alignment is simply being happy - not just satisfied - with what you’re doing in that exact moment. Alignment is when you are in full harmony with your true self. Your spirit and soul feel happy and joyous.
(Looked at the clock and it’s 1:11pm right now - SYNCHRONICITY- is another confirmation that you are in alignment thanks angels )
When you are in alignment you are using the Law of Attraction (the universal law) to attract more of what you are already grateful for and desire, but instead of expelling energy from a lack mentality, you are sending out the frequency of “I am more than deserving, it is already on its way to me” thus manifesting your visions into reality.
Manifesting the life you want is all about the frequency you hold. Tune into the frequency of gratitude and happiness. Hold the frequency of already having it and BELIEVE it’s already yours!
This is what has worked for the wealthiest men and women on this earth and it will work for you - apply these to your life and watch miracles flourish before you.
Here’s to consciously creating a badass abundant life 🥂
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Six ways to help manifest your life

  1. Always stay positive
  2. Say it like it's already done
  3. Do not spend time thinking about anything opposite to what you want
  4. Meditate on what you want
  5. See it, smell it, feel it, hear it
  6. If it's real in your brain, it will be real in physical

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