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Boy bye!

Boy BYE! In case you needed a reminder- girl, DUMP HIM! We are totally diggin' this shirt well because.... hello we are in Fboy nation right? So I'm telling you, girl you need to dump him! (You need to cut it song voice*) Not only is this so suitable for this generation since we're all dealing with the same boy troubles, it's so rad and edgy and totally us! Pair this dump him tee with some denim, bomber and booties or feelin' risque put on some tights or fishnets under those shorts. Show him whose boss woman! Plus this tee is only $39 and totally worth it! He'll be like nooooooo I wasn't ready (Kevin Hart voice). We know you'll love it and you'll be a total bada$$ when you rock it. Do you dare? Not sure if you ready to get rid of that Fboy girllllll. 

*I Ain't Sorry* (Hail Queen Beyyyyyyy)

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