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The Bare Necessities

Every closet needs the simple bare necessities, it just makes the whole getting ready process go that much smoother. Because hey, who REALLY feels like getting ready? Not us! *Flips hair emoji* So we'll do anything necessary to make finding an outfit fast, easy and fun! Keep on reading to see if your closet has what it takes. If not, I suggest you stock up on a few of our favorite basic MUST HAVES that we'll list below. 

 Closet must haves full outline:

Check out our fave basics and must haves below:

From left to right:

Row 1: U Give me Greys Tee, Raw Edge Crop Top, Retro Scoop Tee, Send Some Nudes Tank

Row 2: Never Fail White Strap Dress, Isabella Dress, Olive Raceway Dress, So Nude Dress

Row 3: Split Denim, Boyfriend Jean, Rips on Rips, Grey Destroyed Denim

Row 4: I Spy, Black Satin D-Ring Belt Trench, Olive Jacket, Trenchin'

Stack up on your essentials now! We promise finding your next outfit will be a breeze. To shop more basics and everyday essential pieces click the link below.


Stay tuned for more fun and informative blog posts.



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