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All about that choker

So we are definitely so in love with choker details, can you tell? A little too obsessed, ya think?! We want all things choker, in bodysuits, in crop tops, in dresses, in two piece sets, in everything well because clearly it's the hottest celebrity trend. We see stars like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner, just to name a few (our faves) styling their favorite choker tops all the time! P.S. they are so similar to our's that the difference is undefinable, so please do check them out! We have our "Choker Bodysuit" which is a long sleeve bodysuit with a choker neck detail with open front and back, how scandalous?! We also have two choker crops, one being long sleeve off the shoulder and the other being a tube top- both we just adore! Lastly, we have our "310-2 piece set" which is also available in a dress version. Um HELLO!!! PERFECTION. Emoji hair flip like yaaasss. We also love how Kylie decided to be trendy and turn the "Choker Crop" backwards so she has the back detailing on the front, go Kylie we love you nmw! Do you dare to try? We think so. If you don't already love this trend, I'm sure you'll hop on the bandwagon soon. Don't worry girlfriend. Remember, all things choker ;)

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