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Soooo… if you don’t Keep up with the Kardashians you know through Snapchat, Instagram, and on Channel E then you must be living under a rock! Lol jk, well not really but still. We all know the life of pablo right? Kanye and his crazy ideas.. (Hey Mark Zuckerberg give me one million for my creative ideas!). Anyways, the whole fam thanks to Kanye have been rocking DENIM jackets. A trend that we fell in love with last year and kind of stayed on the low. It’s okay though. Maybe I’m lowkey feelin’ you! So this Denim trend that has become increasingly popular thanks to the Wests and Kardashians is totally IN and we totally LOVE IT! You can rock Denim jackets with everything! LITERALLY. Our most favorite is the denim and nude look together. Well, because. It’s just perfect! You can wear a denim jacket loose around your shoulders like a BOSS or you can tie it around your waist and be hip and cool. Pair with a pair of Yeezy’s or if you on the broke girl ish go on for the Feezy’s (fake yeezy’s, but don’t tell anyone!) They are really just inspired by yeezyz’s, but they do the trick ;). Or even a white pair of huaraches with your denim jacket and some nude leggings and a white cropped you’re good to go. How would you wear your denim jacket? Are you crushing on it just as much as we are?? Well, if you are feel free to because we have the best denim jacket called “Denim Daze” matched with our NYTT “Raw Edge Crop Top”. We got you hunnie, we got you.




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